International Direct Dial Codes finder

The Webster Telecom International calls gadget can be added to your personalised Google Homepage with one click!  It tells you the international direct dial code for any country you may wish to call, together with the local time in that country. For your convenience, we have also included the published tariffs for direct dialed calls to your country using BT or Virgin Media - so you can see how much you can save using Webster Telecom!

To begin, just type the first letters of the countryname you wish to call.





Select from the list to jump straight to our low rates to some of our most popular calling destinations!

Find all our calling destinations using our handy destination finder.

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"As I only call my niece occasionally, I couldn't be 'arsed' filling in forms or handing over my credit card number to unheard of companies. Your quick and easy solution suits be down to the ground!" - Ken Scott, Somerset

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